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London Actor

LondonActor, is an advertising platform representing current and upcoming new faces in the acting industry. We are building a community of established actors and ambitious novice actors who are available for auditions and castings.

Whether you've performed in film, tv, theatre, online or radio, we're here to help you get to the next level in your acting career. Our goal is to help as many actors (new and established) find suitable representation.

Our team consists of acting coaches, photographers, videographers, designers and marketing professionals. The film extras listed with us with little or no experience have been vetted prior to being listed. If you're interested in any of our actors you can submit a booking request.

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Becoming an actor is similar to starting and running a business, so you need to set goals and invest. Get to understand show business and how it really works by reading books and attending webinars. Learn to sell yourself. Understand your product. You are the product. Marketing is key but most actors tend to exclude this vital step. Your personal branding is the foundation of all marketing. Actors must learn to pitch themselves and build a network of contacts in the industry.

Understanding the type of role, you can play best is key to a successful start towards your acting career. Take note of some films that you feel your type could be in, then research the actors that play that type. Check the actors IMDB profile or Wikipedia and study their journey and achievements/credits.

Having professional headshots is a must. The actor needs to display different emotions i.e., serious intense look, anxious, joyful, etc for the casting directors to see. How will you be perceived?

Master your audition technique. Regardless of what the casting director might say at the end of the audition, your focus is on getting the part. Although the Producers usually have the final say on who gets selected for the part, impress the cast director because even if you were unsuccessful, you may be called in for another audition at a later date.

There are different types of agents: commercial agents, theatrical agents, voice-over agents etc Companies hire Advertising agencies for their advertising campaign i.e., a tv commercial. Advertising agents hire casting directors who use commercial agents to find suitable actors. Commercials cast good actors based on appearance since very little is said, or the role could be a non-speaking role. Taking acting classes gives a positive impression on agents. In a nutshell, you need to have professional marketing tools including a showreel to get signed up by a suitable agent.